Welcome to the Verona Gardens Website!

Verona Gardens was first developed by the J.C. Nichols Company in the 1970's, and is a development of 445 single family homes. Located in Leawood, Kansas, and the nationally recognized Blue Valley School District, the homes are within walking distance of Leawood Elementary and Leawood Middle Schools. Also church sponsored schools are close by.

Our streets and sidewalks have hundreds of mature trees that give the neighborhood a lovely canopy appearance and provide shade for the summer months. The neighborhood is close to many shopping, dining and other attraction destinations. Hospitals and churches are nearby. Highway access is only minutes away, making getting around the metro area very convenient.


New Management Company will take over September 1- At the annual meeting in May, the board explained our previous management company, HA-KC, will be replaced with Young Management Group (YMG) due to HA-KC has a limited menu of services. The Board of Directors voted to hire a management company to take on the services HA-KC performs plus additional services including vendor management, project management (sidewalk project) and other tasks. They will also be the contact point for residents/association members for most issues and have promised to respond quickly. It is the belief of the Board there was hesitation of members to join the board because of the time commitment. This management company will reduce time commitment of Board Members and thus hopefully the Board can recruit and retain a full roster of 9 Board Members.

For issues that need attention in Verona Gardenshomeowners need to contact John Young. These are the preferred methods in order of preference:

*Email: [email protected]
*Phone: 913-890-2300, ext 301
*Phone: 913-890-2300, ext 2, maintenance line. 

So, rather than contacting board members, homeowners would need to contact John Young if there are problems or issues with things in the neighborhood. This includes problems with trash collection, street tree limbs down, codes enforcement, neighborhood issues, etc.



The board of directors has received several complaints on the multitude of signs placed on many of the corners, islands and other common areas maintained by the HOA. The HOA board of directors therefore are going to take a more vigilant stance and will actively remove illegally placed signs. This does not include temporary real estate open house pointers and temporary garage sale signs. All temporary real estate open house pointer signs and temporary garage sale signs, not on the owners property, must be removed by the sign owner when the open house and garage sale is over. If they are not removed, a representative of the HOA will collect them and dispose of them. 

This announcement
DOES NOT include the HOA regulating real estate or other signs placed on the property of our residents.

The text below was cut and pasted from the City of Leawood Development Ordinence:

The Governing Body finds that unregulated proliferation of signs results in visual clutter, which is harmful to neighborhood aesthetics and property values as an aesthetic nuisance and may cause traffic hazards.

Leawood Development Ordinance 16-4-6.15
(Pertinent sections on the subject of SIGNS copied)

B)Regulations. Supplemental Provisions Temporary signs, as defined in Article 9, may be posted on property in all Zoning Districts of the City, subject to the following requirements:

5) A sign shall only be posted with the consent of the property owner or occupant. Signs posted in the public right of way may only be posted with the permission of the person or entity that has a duty to maintain such section of the right of way. Provided further, no temporary sign shall be placed closer than 5 feet to edge of the pavement or curb of the street.
6) All temporary signs must be maintained in a state of good repair.

C) Removal or Replacement of Temporary Signs:

1) The person who has posted or directed the posting of the sign is responsible for the removal or replacement of that sign.
2) If that person does not remove or replace the sign in accordance with these regulations, then the property owner or occupant of the building or lot where the sign is posted is responsible for the sign’s removal or replacement.



The board has received complaints regarding people speeding on our streets.  There are a significant number of younger families with young kids who have moved into our neighborhood, so it is of great concern to many. Recently Leawood Police placed a speed display/recording machine on 121st street and found almost 50% exceeding the speed limit.  Sgt Yoder suggested that the offenders are most likely residents of our neighborhood!  There will be increased patrolling and tickets issued with a zero tolerance policy.  PLEASE SLOW DOWN!


NEXT BOARD MEETING  - September 18 at 6:45 PM - Leawood Justice Center first floor meeting room - The tentative agenda will be in the Neighborhood Essentials Tab

Future board meetings (same place and time): Sept. 18th, Oct. 16th; 2018: Jan. 15, Feb., 19, March 19, April 16th - all residents are association members and are welcome to attend all meetings.


Ice Cream Social - Sunday August 20 - It was a great event!  Reports of about 50 kids enjoyed the ice cream and activities.



Your homes association operates on people power. Things don’t just happen. Someone makes them happen. Here’s how you can help make things happen.

Annual Garage Sale - Our community-wide garage sale simplifies advertising and attracts more customers. A coordinator or two is needed to keep this event going.  The HOA will NOT administer this community garage sale without a volunteer.

Island Watchers -  Verona Gardens has 27 public areas to maintain. Residents are needed to watch over them and report any needs to the Board member who monitors the lawn maintenance service. If you live near a public space, please help us keep them looking good.

Children’s Events – Helping hands are always needed to assist in the preparations for and conduct of the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Back-to-School Ice Cream Social for Verona Gardens youngsters.

Annual Meeting – We want to make the Annual Meeting in May more interesting and appealing to residents. A committee is being set up to generate ideas and make arrangements for the event.


ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS are in the "Neighborhood Essentials" section covering subjects of Trash, Sidewalks, Tree Trimming, and Mailboxes.

MAILBOX - Issues with your mailbox? Contact Carl Barben: 913-491-6437 [email protected]


The following is a description of their services.

10 bag limit or bundles on yard waste per resident per week. Limbs would be a bundle. The bundles should not be longer than 4 feet and about 18 inches in diameter. Please also use twine and not wire when creating a bundle. Paper bags should be used for yard waste.

Trash pickups are on Wednesday, except for weeks with Holidays in which pickups will be one day later in the week. Deffenbaugh recognized Holidays are as follows – New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

One free bulky item pickup per resident, per month - it will be on the normal pick up day of the THIRD FULL WEEK of each month. There is no need to call Deffenbaugh for this service. 

2017 Dates (Wednesday)

January 18

February 22

March 22

April 19

May 17

June 21

July 19

August 23

September 20

October 18

November 22

December 20


One bulky item per month (No Freon)

3rd full week of the month, Wednesday p/u

All items must be able to be lifted by 2 men

Items over 6ft should be cut in half.

Pick up is done by a separate (rear load) truck

Items that will be collected include :

Carpet (up to 4’ length, rolled & tied)


Appliances (All appliance doors MUST be secured shut) - No Freon

Basketball goal (cut in half-concrete removed)

BBQ Grill (propane tank removed)

Push mower (gas/oil removed)

2 tires (off the rims & will be considered One item for collection)

Unacceptable items include :

Hazardous Waste material

Freon items

Remodeling/Construction debris

Yard waste

Additional bags of household trash

John Blessing is our representative at Deffenbaugh --913-745-1841. Please call him with any issues. If the issues persist, please feel free to call board member Richard Schwartz.